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tv   [untitled]    February 18, 2011 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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commissioner wiener: thank you. i will be supporting this item, and i do support the central subway. we do need better norton-south service in the -- north-south service and better access to chinatown. i do believe it is important to keep reminding ourselves that the has not gone or is not going as far as i would hope that it could go at some point in the future. we have a history in the bay area and san francisco of building rail and subway systems that are not extensive enough. we made a huge blunder in building bart and allowing some counties to opt ow. we are now paying the price for not having an extensive enough bart system. we have another transportation
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system covering a small portion of the city, leaving the west side to struggle without transit system. this line, although i support it, is not long enough. i hope we will do whatever we can to extend it up to fisherman's wharf. i think that is important for the future transportation needs of the city. i also just want to note an additional concern that i know a lot of people share, that we do not do nearly good enough job taking care of the muni we have now. we are seeing all sorts of infrastructure problems that are causing service problems from our tracks, to our overhead wires, to the doors, because we are just not doing a good enough job in taking care of equipment. remember not prioritizing infrastructure maintenance. i do have concerns about what this will do to muni's operating and maintenance budget. we need to all be watching that
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and making sure that muni is taking care of its entire system. with all those concerns, on balance i do sfment this project, and i am glad to see it moving forward. commissioner mirkarimi: any further comments, colleagues, or discussion? commissioner david chiu? commissioner chiu: i want to thank commissioner wiener for his comments and could not agree with them more. obviously as we think about muni's finances, we have to be very careful as we move forward that we think about how are we going to invest in our public transit system really for the next century in a way that will give access to everyone in the city, no matter where you live in the downtown corridor, whether you live close to transit or not. i do think, though, that the central subway project is at the heart of moving our transit vision forward, as was stated by one of our speakers. this is a project that has been in the works for several decades.
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certainly after the [dog barking] the he could embarcadero dareo freeway project came down. we have something that we can leverage federal dollars for every dollar we invest in it. we have to take advantage of the dedication we have had with our federal officials to get these resources to san francisco. with that being said, i am happy to work with commissioner wiener and all of us to move forward a larger vision around what public transit ought to look like in san francisco. commissioner mirkarimi: especially to the west side of the city? commissioner wiener: absolutely. mirkarimi first quarter any other comments? commissioner avalos? commissioner avalos: i want to put in a word for the south side of the city. commissioner mirkarimi: any other comments or discussion? seeing none, may we sake this same house, same calls call?
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so moved. next item, plea. >> number 20, introduction of new items. this is an information item. commissioner mirkarimi: commissioner elsbernd? commissioner elsbernd: thank you, mr. mayor. i would like to ask staff, the plans and programs committee if we could have a hearing on the cal transition two. things we should discuss. one, whether or not san francisco will follow san mat yo -- mateo's lead. and if we do have to make that decision, or even if we don't and the funding situation at cal tran is still so leak that the potential scenario of no weekend service, no late-night service, just the morning and evening commute service actually does come into play, a discussion of how that impacts muni, and potentially what decisions need to be made with muni's service to try to
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accommodate what very well may be a new demand on its services. commissioner mirkarimi: well said. i believe we can do that for next month. is that correct, director moskovich? >> we will talk about the programs with commissioner campos' blessing for the upcoming meeting. commissioner campos: we will be happy to put that on the agenda. thank you, commissioner elsbernd, for raising. commissioner mirkarimi: any other items to introduce, colleagues. public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. continue that to the call of the chair. next item, place? >> item 11, public comment. commissioner mirkarimi: another opportunity for public comment that you might have missed previously. anybody who would like to come to public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. next? >> adjournment. >> i just would like to thank
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sfgtv for their on going good work. commissioner chen -- cohen, your name just came up. it just flashed. commissioner chen: my comments are brief. i would like to welcome matt lee to the transportation authority and thank them for hiring him. commissioner mirkarimi: thank you for adding to the welcome. if there are no further comments, colleagues or discussion, the meeting is now adjourned. have a good rest of the day.
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>> hello and welcome to the 2011 heros and hearts luncheon. i did you greetings -- i bid you greetings.
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♪ here we are in union square and excitement fills the air fills a love that is here today at 0 how i love this affair -- oh, how i love this affair this foundation started back in 1994 they do their part in help and hope ne to give a brand new start come on, everybody just do your part today is a day here at heroes and hearts where you must buy table top bart just in case you were unaware is the sixth year of this luncheon
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hard to believe, you know we still have the most amazing ceo executive director of this foundation stephanie [inaudible] board of directors president to the guggenheim says each hero is a leader, and she thanks them for all their time raising funds for sfga and the trauma center is all thanks to you this yearly luncheon, such an elegant bunch and was chaired by patrick smith and connie judy guggenheim started this
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ball just six years ago and to our sponsors laying our foundation, you both get and a -- an a we all could learn a lesson from you chevron and webcor united health group and visa we need you for sure let's hear it for the sponsors yeah ♪
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[applause] ♪ so, ladies and gentlemen, it is time to propose a toast to our honored hero today dr. shannon kind -- tine julie rosetti judge mary morgan we thank you all for what you do for you make our world a better place and i thank you every day, for there is no place like our home, our city by the bay
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san francisco open your golden gates a stranger with outside your door san francisco other places only make me love you best tell me you are the heart of all the golden west san francisco, welcome me home again i'm coming home to go roaming no more san francisco open your golden gates beautiful strangers wait outside your door san francisco, here is you're wondering when, say i will wonder no more
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going other places makes me love you best tell me you are the heart of all the golden west the golden west san francisco welcome home again i'm coming home to go roaming no more ♪ [applause] >> thank you, misa and beach blanket babylon. please welcome the mayor of our great community and city, the honorable edwin m. lee.
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[applause] mayor lee: good afternoon, everybody. i wanted to spend a few moments in joining mayor willie brown and mayor frank jordan with our chief of police, our city attorney, dennis herrera, so many friends here, and members of our board of supervisors, to just register my appreciation for the san francisco general hospital foundation and the great work you are doing in joining our hospitals mission. for all of you who are here today to make that effort real with your donations and support, thank you very much from the bottom of my heart, that you believe that the san francisco
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general hospital is truly in need the heart of the city and county of san francisco. thank you very much for being here today. [applause] i mean that in so many ways. the hospital is available to everybody. every community of this great city. it has a trauma center. how many other centers -- cities have its own trauma center? a trauma center that is world famous, that gets the job done and saves lives. it is the only hospital in san francisco with 24-hour psychia [applause] something that i will possibly in roll in after this year. [laughter] over 100,000 patients get
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through the doors of the general every single year. so whether you are in a car accident or whether something happens that you did not control, you can believe we have the best performing trauma center for the whole bay area. it is a hospital that reflects our very san francisco values of caring for our fellow citizens and leaving no one behind. the people you are about to hear about today will be people that displays the courage, the perseverance, the passion for helping others in our community. they are the city's role models, and helped make san francisco general hospital stand head and shoulders above all other public hospitals nationwide. in addition to the heroes we celebrate today, let's also celebrate the gigantic steps we
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have taken together to make sure the hospital is rebuilt and meets california seismic safety standard requirements for an acute care hospital. [applause] while there was only two and a half years ago, it still rings in my mind, as your former city administrator. you have watched virtually a miracle happened at our ballot boxes. when it was presented with the biggest on ever in the history of the city -- bond ever in this city to rebuild our hospital, but again, thanks to people like jean o'connell end to the guggenheim, and all the hard working people involved in this effort, san francisco general hospital rebuild received 84% of the vote in 2008, the highest of any bond in the history of the
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city. [applause] and of course, you got to measure that in light of some other facts, and the only other fact i can compare that to is i got 100% of my vote. they got 84%. that is a pretty good stuff there. we are starting to see the work of the foundation of the hospital being built with the whole that has already been dug in. it will be a base isolated seismic safety approach. guess what. when willie brown was mayor, he made sure that our city hall has the best seismic safety standards, so the city hall is under a base isolation system. so will our hospital. that represents the level of attention we are giving to make sure this hospital stays and becomes the center for all of our health care.
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it will also enjoy, as our goal, a gold standard for its environmental design and architecture for that building, so that we can show the rest of the world not only can you have the best performing acute care hospital that you can find with great voter support, you can do it in a most environmentally conscious way. that is what we get to show. [applause] the rebuild, obviously helps our local economy. there will be over 3000 jobs created as a result of the lalre our local hire san franciscans. that goes a long way to one of -- hiring more of our great people in everything we do.
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over 10% of the contractors are local businesses already working on the contract, with more to come. this hospital is the busiest emergency room in the city. and because of this rebuild, it will triple in the size of a number of emergency rooms that it has, and it will be equipped to double the capacity of to 120 beds. with the size of the hospital being rebuilt, with the seismic standards it will have, with the way we approach that as a city family with our great private leaders in the sector joining the city, i cannot but repeat to you -- this hospital and the foundation that it has had to help it is the heart of the city and county of san francisco. that is why i enjoy this. if there is anything i know this year even these first few weeks
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on the job, my love for the city has grown even deeper. thank you very much for being part of this. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome jim davis, president of chevron energy solutions. [applause] >> @ chevron energy solutions, we are a recognized leader in clean, innovative energy development, and we are also a proud sponsor for the perry and outreach program, which encourages high school girls to pursue careers in orthopedic surgery and engineering. it is an outstanding program that develops young women into leaders who enhance lives in the communities where they live.
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motivating others to improve the greater good is what defines the foundations, the spirit of the general award. with this award, the and the foundation inspired others to support the innovative programs at the hospital. here to present the award this year, please join me along with everyone at chevron energy solutions and welcoming the honorable willie brown. [applause] >> mr. davis, thank you very much for that kind introduction. mayor li, mirrored jordan,
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others assembled here in, those associated with the foundation and with this application and this event, you know good and well the spirit of the general award is given to that individual who exhibits extraordinary commitment to making san francisco general hospital what it is. this year, the recipient is one of whom all of you know very well. you know her because, i suspect you will hear, because she ask you to come. there is nobody that she has encountered in the last several years that she has not said, you have to do something for the general. when i see her coming now, i go the other way.
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i have given all i can give to the general. [laughter] that is the nature of who our recipient is. she came on the board of the foundation, some 11 years ago. by 2003, she had been elevated to the president of the board. and in that capacity, she guided the general from being a place that most of us looked at as a place for the disadvantaged and poor people only, into an extraordinary care facility, as described by the mayor, available to everybody, as a place where innovation in medical treatment occurs, as a place where research, on a regular basis, is done, and while the 82% that prop a received, i guarantee much of
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that 82% came from the extraordinary work of this woman, and the voters responded to what she did. so ladies and gentlemen, please recognize the 2011 winner of the spirit of the untenable award. nd no other than my friend, -- it can be no other than my friend, judy guggenheim. [applause]
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[applause] >> do the, you have been extraordinary. mitchell katz would tell me quite often, the financial uncertainty of the general was single handedly righted by your clear passion and devotion and dedication, and your money. we thank you. [laughter] >> mayer brown, thank you so much. wow. thank you all so much. this has been a passion of love for me. everyday i am at the hospital, i see people who give themselves and give themselves and give themselves. it just makes me want to go out there and tell everyone else about it.
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it is not just passion that people are giving of their brain, their hearts, their solo, it is an amazing place. i am offering everybody a tour. it will make you fall in love but something that is such a strong underpinning of this city and, i think, can make us all proud to be san franciscans. i forgot earlier it is mentioned by 3 sues, sue hellman, carlyle, and kernin. they do a wonderful job. [applause] years ago, i sat at a dinner
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party next to talent. i fell in love with the hospital. i want to thank you all. it has really been my honor and my pleasure. this really was a surprise. thank you. [applause] [applause]
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